Small Business Ideas – Learn Search Engine Optimization & Your Local & Online Business Will Bloom

By | June 3, 2023

If you take some time to learn what is called “search engine optimization” you can grow your local and online businesses to new heights. Whether you have a local hamburger shop on Main Street USA, or your do business solely on the web, search engine optimization, or SEO can place you high on Google’s search engines, and thus you will have a very good chance of being highly visible when people search for the kinds of products or services that you have. Almost every business has a website these days but how many of those businesses do any more than publish their site online and hope for the best. This is no way to do business. If you open a new restaurant or store, a lot of thought goes into location. After all, isn’t the old saying that success in business is all about location, location, location? Why would that be any different in the online virtual world than in the traditional real one? Here are some tips on how you can create a location online so that tons of traffic will drive by and see you.

When creating your website you should research what are called “keywords or keyword phrases.’ These are words and phrases that people enter into Google searches to look for information, products, and anything else that pops into their heads. The frequency of these keywords is documented, so to speak, by other online businesses like “NicheBOT Classic,” a keyword research tool site that is absolutely free to use. If you fill the text of your website and title with popular keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business then you will have a very good chance of placing on the first page of Google’s page rankings.

Did you also know that you can use social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo to upload videos about your business and products absolutely for free? Major corporations used to be the only ones who could get their messages out to a national and local audience. Now you can do the same without paying a cent. Do some homework on search engine optimization and how to use social media sites to boost sales and profits and your business within six to twelve months will have increased significantly. But that is only if you take action, stick to it, and follow through. You can do it. Start now.